mountain rising

School for a New Way of Being

School's Out for the time being!

If there's one thing we've all come to understand, it's that the things we thought were solid often are not. When the unexpected happens, we can take it on, blame ourselves, or something else... but what does that ever really accomplish? My time is being put to better use, like rebuilding my foundation for the School, allowing for other people to live up here, expanding classes, and making room for other opportunities.


It's an exciting time at the Mountain. Spring is in the air. Universal will is evident. Old things are being asked to leave, and new ideas are invited to make their will known. 

So, stay tuned! Who knows what wonderful things lay in store? 

In the meantime, tune in to for information on The Owls, my young men's warriorship program that kicks off June 2021, and for many other ceremonies, ideas, and inspiration to fuel your amazing life!  

Illumination Ceremony


Bend, OR

"The Illumination ceremony I received from Aspen freed my bodies - spiritual, emotional, and physical. I vibrate in a kind of harmony and happiness that I don't recall ever experiencing."