Eric "Aspen" Marley
Instructor, Mountain Rising

Eric "Aspen" Marley is a writer, teacher, and public speaker who seeks to guide his friends and clients to new ways of seeing by using ancient means.   

A 6th-generation Mormon, Eric resigned his leadership and membership in the Church in 2008. Left bereft of a way to understand the world, he was blessed to be offered attendance at a sweat lodge in his home town of Bend, Oregon. The ceremony changed his life. He has since gone on to active and consistent participation in (mainly) Lakota ceremony, including 7+ years as a Sun Dancer. He is also a board member on a non-profit corporation that provides authentic spiritual ceremony for those called to the path. Aspen has also been initiated as a mesayoq (shamanic healer) in the Q’ero-Laika lineage. Working with these tools, he works to heal personal traumas and their results.

He is an author of a book, "Sand: A Conversation About the Enormity of Life," as well as many published articles and essays. He was Co-Editor in Chief of Face the Current magazine and is a frequent contributor to The Good Men Project. He is passionate about working to change the narrrative of Masculinity in this age of revolution and transition, as well as protecting the Earth for this and future generations.      


We've had some changes here at The Mountain, but I am excited to entertain ideas for workshops, retreats and eco-centric spiritual ceremonies from other Teachers. Please reach out if you have any questions or ideas that you want to explore!