Following is a partial list of classes that we have offered and/or may offer in the future. *Not all of these are currently scheduled. However, if any of these look interesting, please don't hesitate to reach out. Worst case, if you can put together a group of 6-12 people, we'll find a way to get you what you need. ​

Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Please ask! 

Sample Tier 3 Classes: 

Turning the Funnel Right-side Up: How to Recieve the Universe: Four steps to identifying and clearing the blocks that keep returning, empowering you to step into the Self you came here to be!   

Fire Ceremonies: Engaging the Transformational Benefit of Fire (great for families!): This half-day class is a blast for families. In it, we identify the things we wish to release, and those we wish to attract. Then, it's a walkabout in nature to find items that represent each. Attaching these items to "death arrows" and "life arrows," we start a sacred fire and release and attract both! Great fun for kids from 6-up. Potentially life-changing for pre-teen+/.  

Sample Tier 2 Classes: 

Wilderness Vigil: a more basic version of a traditional Vision Quest. Still powerful and potentially life-changing. 2-4 days fasting in wilderness solitude. Pre-preparation and post-processing is part of the program (let's hear it for the letter "P"!)   

Psychonavigation: This class is an intensive introduction to the shamanic practice of journeying in non-ordinary reality and recovering lost soul essence, as well as making relations and obtaining guidance from power animals, ancestors and spiritual forces beyond time and space. 

Tier 1: 

Traditional Vision Quest Hanblecheya: 4 days, altar full fast/no water- donation basis by arrangement.  This way is not for everyone. It is arduous and challenging; but for those who are called to a higher vision, we make this the way open to you.

Shamanic Immersion: Individualized mentoring program. Introduction training intensive in the shamanic tradition. Includes two years of personal mentoring through email and telephone contact, plus all four of the Path of freedom sessions and one other program of your choice. Opportunity to be involved in Native American ceremonies on an intimate level. Scheduled flexibly with staff availability                       

Make no mistake: we are in a time of change that's unprecedented in our lifetimes. For example, we had six months' worth of classes dialed in and ready to offer until changes had to be made that negated the whole calendar! Ah, well... that Universe, huh? I *might* have asked for some change and opportunities for growth, somewhere back there... looks like they're here! So, please DO stay tuned. A lot is happening, SO much good, and I'm committed to keeping MountainRising a place for people who are committed to doing the work of clearing in order to help us transition into the world we know is possible. 

If you have ideas about classes you'd like to see, or if you'd like to sponsor a retreat, please reach out!